Willwa is a creative brand that specializes in designing patterns and illustrations for washi tape and stationery products with inspiration from our Swedish nature and culture. We love washi tape and all the possibilities it gives you to be creative and decorate almost everything you can think of. Don’t you just think that colorful washi tapes with their beautiful and fun patterns just brighten up the day? We at Willwa think that and we love using all sorts of colors in our tape designs, both bright colors and more subtle and serene colors, because we think that colors and washi tape makes everything more beautiful! 

The people behind Willwa are the creative duo Johanna Larsson and Dean Nienfu Chen. We have a background in design and pattern design for textile. The Willwa brand is a part of NOJD, a design studio that is based in Gothenburg in Sweden. If you are in need of custom work or have a project that you need help with you can head over to the NOJD website and send us an email.

We love hearing from you and seeing how you use Willwas washi and stationary products so don't hesitate to write to us, send us pictures or tagging us on Instagram! 


You can also find Willwa on YouTube to see behind the scenes videos and to follow along on our journey!